Saturday, October 6, 2012

The Key To True Happiness & Inner Peace

The Key To True Happiness And Inner Peace True happiness lies in authentic self-knowing. As humans we are conditioned to identify with a false sense of "self" through material items like: social status, jobs, parenthood, relationships, and even hobbies. We take on labels associated with each role and eventually begin to identify our sense of self with the label. 

Wife, mother, tennis player, photographer, real estate agent... all of these are merely labels for our external activities. While we think they define who we are, each is something that can, for one reason or another, be lost or taken away in life, and when they are a serious identity crisis almost always follows.

Rather than creating true happiness, our socially conditioned identities always become a form of bondage and a source of stress by distracting us from ever really knowing ourselves.

The human condition is something that is difficult to break free of in the best of circumstances. So we ease our pain, fear and confusion with distractions. We fill our days with the quest for material things, and in doing so, fail to allow ourselves to be truly quiet. Yes, life is difficult and demanding. We have things we must do. We are fathers, mothers, workers, bill payers and through all this responsibility we often lose ourselves.

If you look at children, they have an un-jaded sense of reality. They explore the world in fearless curiosity, often putting their parent in panic. But as we age we lose this sense of creative engagement and progressively spiral downward into fear and judgment. We become increasingly critical of ourselves as well as others.

How can we strip away the story line that we tell ourselves: this is who I am; this is what happened to me; I am a victim? These are all things we tell ourselves to explain the story of our lives. We stop questioning and just accept a life that is chaotic and stress filled.

The only way to get clarity and true peace of mind is to get in touch with with Spirit, and the only way to do that is take the time and space for quiet reflection. Taking a spiritual retreat is one of the most courageous things you will ever do, because you'll step out of your comfort zone and really dig through all of the "things" that have defined who you are.

The treatments SpiritQuest has cultivated will open you up and shift your perception. Slowly you'll start to be introduced to authentic yourself. You won’t have the cell phone on the hip and deadlines to make. You'll be gently guided into the most beautiful place you could ever image... the deep peace and profound wisdom that's always there in your own heart.

On a spiritual retreat you will start to grasp that seamless wonder and fearless excitement you once had as a child. The exceptionally gifted practitioners at SpiritQuest will hold your hand and help you start honoring yourself again. You'll begin to have real substance in your life, away from all the exterior things that defined you up to now.

This is a life-changing opportunity to discover an unlimited source of inner peace and happiness free of all thought forms; a source that can be carried with you everywhere and which can never be taken away or lost.

Contentment and comparison never occupy the same mind. Simply put, we teach the skills necessary to quiet the judging mind and be content in any circumstance. By the end of this experience you'll start to feel a brand new sense of ease and trust, awakening in a deeper consciousness of your true self.

Unhappiness is really your ego playing tricks on you. The ego convinces you that you are not good enough, you don’t deserve it, you hate certain things or certain people, but all of those are lies that hold you hostage. The very qualities you distain most in others are almost always aspects of our own shadow self. We mirror each other and it’s your ego making the illusion that fuels that type of thinking. It’s your movie, and you are the projector, and it’s your choice, what are you going to do?

We know that it's possible to break free of bad habits, break free from stress, and break free of self-hatred because we've done it... and we've helped thousands of others do it also.

Are you ready to step into the light? Are you ready to seriously question the reasons and beliefs that have been holding you down? What's at stake is the discovery of who you truly are. There is so much beauty in the world and it’s all around us. It’s in the simple quiet things that we never see. Come to a place of serenity and ease. You'll finally meet the powerful and amazing person that you are!

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